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Who What Why: Tim Beavis

25th May 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

Anything and everything. I don’t like to confine myself to genres but I’m constantly looking for new music as a fix, particularly that of unsigned and newly emerging artists. I’m currently in love with a musician called ‘Hazel English’ who has a very dream-pop invoking sound whilst also sounding very raw. Another band I couldn’t be any more excited for are The Amazons, their debut self-titled album is going to go off!

What do you love about Brighton?

In summer there’s no place better – better still late spring just before the tourists get here when you can enjoy the weather without it being too busy! I’m actively into my photography and Brighton during this time of year produces lovely pallets of colour to work with. Brighton’s often referred to as ‘London by the sea’ and there are numerous things to back that up, so much is going on and I love it. I absolutely love music and the fact that it’s built into the infrastructure of how the city runs each year is something I find to be amazing.

Why Music Business?

I’ve played bass for a long time before starting BIMM however it was my desire to learn about the industry from a business point of view so that it would change the way I could act as an artist. I’ve set up so many new things since studying at BIMM as it has nurtured me into looking at things from a more entrepreneurial perspective which I think is great and such a useful skill. One of the things I’ve started is a blog called ’15 Monthly’ which focusses on a playlist each month of the latest unsigned and upcoming indie artists with subsequent reviews supporting the tracks and even gigs put on to promote some of the featured artists. I use this blog as a means of scouting for new artists as I also run a management company so I like to use all my skills to help support others.