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Who What Why: Selina Frimpong-Ansah

15th October 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

This is always a hard question to answer as I listen to so many different genres and artists. The last week I have been listening to Ella Eyre’s album Feline a lot, which I got addicted to when it came out a few years back. I also listen to a lot of artists like The Ezra Collective, Alfa Mist and DVSN. Through studying Popular Music Performance and performing in function bands, I’ve found myself mostly listening to songs to learn, rather than songs I’ve chosen to listen to.

What do you love about London?

What I love most about London are the people. They are very open and talkative and I feel like I can connect with most of them immediately. I also love the diversity in culture, which creates incredible styles of music. There is always something to do in London, whether it is going to a gig or wanting to visit a street food festival, there’s a seemingly endless list of exciting adventures to go on and countless opportunities to be heard as an artist.

Why Vocals?

I decided to study Popular Music Performance Vocals as I had studied this in Vienna prior to moving to London. But felt that I still had a lot of things to improve upon and knew that a different country and approach at BIMM would help me learn new skills as a singer and evolve as a musician in a more diverse environment.

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