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Who What Why: Robin Tindill

8th October 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

That’s a wide question. I’d be lying if I wasn’t enjoying the track ‘Light Up The Sky’ by The Prodigy on their newest album ‘No Tourists’. UK:ID have a banger on their hands with ‘Freak Out’, the B-side of their single ‘Culture Vulture’. I’m also huge into The Electric Swing Circus and their album of the same name. Lastly Public Image Ltd’s ‘This Is PiL’ and ‘Happy?’ are two albums I still really enjoy and I’ve just gotten back into Ian Brown’s back catalogue; Golden Greats shows that dance music techniques can be used to great effect in rock music. Lastly, my weird and wonderful bunch, Professor Elemental, Abney Park, Steam Powered Giraffe, Dr Steel, The Cog Is Dead and The Beards.

What do you love about London?

The opportunities. There’s gigs on almost every day. I’ve gotten more work from being in London in one week than I could get in a month where I came from down south. I’ve met loads of people and received loads of opportunities that I doubt I would have received if I wasn’t in London.

Why Music Production?

Because everybody needs it. There’s a surprising amount of people and businesses that need production work. The live world is now becoming more and more ‘hybrid’. Musicians who play more traditional instruments like drums, bass guitar, and electric guitar, even singers are becoming more and more open to the wonderful world of hybrid systems, the merging of old and new. That ability to create theoretically anything; it’s beautiful.

It’s also an extremely demanding area with tons of challenges. I’ve done everything from working with solo singers in the studio, to mixing live bands on-stage, to giving the audience the best experience of the band possible, as well as performing myself on stage with synths and samplers; taking care of everything the other musicians in the act can’t do. Like I said previously, truly beautiful.

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