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Who What Why : Sam Coley

3rd January 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I always try and listen to lots of different types of music to keep me inspired. I’ve always been into acoustic surf music with artists like Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankenrider being some of my main inspirations when I’m trying to work on my solo music or just trying to unwind after a long day. I’ve also been trying to get into new genres like jazz and funk that lets me think about music in a different way, helping me gain that spark of creativity when I’m writing and playing.

What do you love about Manchester

I love the energy of Manchester and it’s the thing that keeps me working. The whole city has a very creative vibe – with venues, theatres, and art galleries, there’s always something going on to make you think outside the box. It also has a great music scene that includes a lot of different music genres.

Why Guitar?

I am doing the Professional Musicianship course in Guitar at BIMM. I really enjoy the course because it lets me focus entirely on my music and what I love without being interrupted by other commitments. The help from the tutors is great as well with the tutorial system; if you want to find out something about the industry there is always a tutor that can help you out.

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