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Who What Why : Rosa Trivett

5th March 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite artist, but there are a few who really impact both my life and my music. It just depends on how I’m feeling on a daily basis. Some days it’ll be Paramore and Foo Fighters, other days it’ll be Lianne La Havas and Delilah. Most of the songs I listen to are the complete opposite of what I do as an artist, but there are certain songs that inspire and motivate me. I am a big fan of Anderson Paak and NAO, and having seen Jessie J live at the end of last year, I feel a connection to her music on a personal level.

What do you love about London?

Having moved from a small town on the coast of Devon where everyone talks to everyone, I sometimes feel that London can be a lonely place. Having said that though, there are so many positives about this city, one being the diversity of everything within it. Every single borough of London is completely different and diversified and that’s what makes living here exciting. I love the speed of London and how advanced it is. The artistry and subtlety of this grey city is what defines its mesmerising beauty and that is why I am endlessly drawn to it.

Why Vocals?

I am a solo artist so I was very torn between the Creative Musicianship course, which I know is aimed more towards independent artistry, and the Popular Music Performance course, which is aimed more towards being a session musician. One of the reasons I chose Popular Music is because I wanted to really broaden my musical knowledge. Learning subjects like musicianship and knowing how to sight read are what I believe to be very important skill sets to have as a musician. Through this course I am able to learn how to interpret an artist and better analyse musical concepts within a song, as well as being able to take the information given and use it (to my own benefit) in my songs which is fantastic. I get to learn more about other musicians’ styles and also about my own, and I must say it critically improves my songwriting process.

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