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Who What Why : Benjamin Duffy

5th March 2018

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Who are you listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of older hip hop at the minute. Mostly Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and Jurassic 5. Electronic stuff too, especially Trip-Hop and Deep House. Artists like St Germain and Gramatik have always been favourites but I’ve been more recently listening to The Sound Defects and Tortoise. As far as modern day stuff goes I love Mac DeMarco and I’ve been getting into Alice Phoebe Lou. I love the production on her album Orbit. I still listen to all my old favourites though, Led Zeppelin being top of the list since I was 10. Bit of a mixed bag I suppose.

What do you love about Dublin?

Dublin is a small city, but it’s also the capital. This means that while there is a lot of buzz about the place it’s easy enough to find your way around and meet people. There are a hell of a lot of musicians here and pubs/venues that have them play which is great because it means that you can always go and see a live gig. And lastly, while the city has a very real culture of its own there is also a diverse community of people from all over the world making it easy to find people of an interesting and varied background.

Why Drums?

I have been playing drums (more or less entirely self-taught) for 10 years and while it has been great fun I decided I wanted more structure and discipline. The theory side is brand new to me and I’ve relished learning all of its nuances. Having other people around you who are practicing heavily and weekly handouts of exercises that you are expected to play the following week means that you can closely track your progress and have a certain level of healthy competition. Another reason I came to college was to understand the complex and ever changing business of music and I must say the course is delivering on that front!

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