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Who What Why : Niamh McGoldrick

29th March 2017

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Check out BIMM Dublin’s Niamh McGoldrick and her Who What Why’s.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

St Vincent is my favourite artist so I’m never not listening to her. I was at a Girl Band gig not too long ago aswell; I make a point to listen to as many Dublin bands as I can, so I’m curing my post gig blues by listening to them on repeat.

What do you love about Dublin?

The colloquialisms. How the people of Dublin take words and give them a meaning that is completely messed up. Like “gas”, “scauldy”, “sesh”, it’s like speaking in code, it’s great. There’s also a lovely homey vibe here that I don’t believe can be found anywhere else. If you could describe it as a feeling, it’s like the one you get when you eat something your mam cooked.

Why Vocals?

I was really apprehensive about BIMM and did the CPD Diploma course because I didn’t rack up enough points. I didn’t think I was going to go for it but from there I got moved into 2nd year of the BA Commercial Modern Music Degree and I can’t imagine doing anything else. The tutors are so passionate and everyone is really rooting for you because we’re all in the same boat. You can definitely succeed in the music industry without BIMM, but coming from a small town, it makes getting started on your career a lot less overwhelming.

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