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Who What Why: Matt Wilson

28th November 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am currently listening to a few very different artists. The first of which is a band called Katzenjammer from Oslo; they do a very interesting mix of rock and gypsy jazz. They are all female and sing in English. Their most popular song “Demon Kitty Rag” has been stuck in my head for weeks now. I have also been listening to the new David Grey tracks, I really enjoy his folk rock with slight elements of electronica.

What do you love about Dublin?

I really love Ireland. The west coast has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Dublin itself is a city that’s filled with history, from ancient viking settlements to mythological sites, there seems to be a story on every corner if you look hard enough. The city also offers a lot of diversity, and with that comes all sorts of music, food and people that help make Dublin a city full of interest.

Why Bass?

I have always loved playing bass, it can be a very versatile instrument that often determines the overall feel of a piece of music, giving the bass player a fair deal of responsibility when playing in an ensemble. Something about the tone and fullness of the bass has always made me feel great when I play. While it is an instrument that sometimes goes unnoticed in a large group, it allows the other players to build upon it and develop the sound.