Who, What, Why


16th December 2016

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BIMM Manchester’s Martha Phillips has taken a few moments our of her busy schedule to feature in this weeks Who What Why?

WHO are you listening to at the moment?

I’d say my go to is probably Bombay Bicycle Club, I’m really into their shuffley songs. But also bands like Tokyo Police Club, City of Lights, And there’s quite a few BIMM bands I’ve been listening to as well. They’re all so different, and it’s really cool to be listening to stuff that you’ve seen being developed in the building you’re working in.

WHAT do you love about Manchester?

The city itself is incredible, so quirky and vibrant. And the music scene is mental, there are gigs on every night and hundreds of different music venues to explore. It’s not hard to get into it and start making a name for yourself. I think I just love the buzz, there’s always people everywhere no matter what time of day or night, it’s so colourful and busy.

WHY Songwriting?

I chose to come to Manchester to do songwriting for a few reasons. I have a band based in Leeds so it’s not too far away, it’s the hub of the North which is useful for trying to get gigs up here. The musical history and prestige of Manchester gives the whole campus a bit of an edge I think, people expect a different quality if you’re studying music in this city.

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