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WHO WHAT WHY: Makenzie Eason

8th November 2017

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Music Production student Makenzie Eason from Chattanooga, Tennessee chose BIMM Berlin for his studies. We caught up with him to find out more about who he is listening to, what he loves about Berlin and why he chose Music production.

WHO are you listening to at the moment?

When in Berlin you have to listen to techno and house! There are so many nice scenes for that, but on weekdays, I take a break from that and concentrate on my personal listening habits. I’m listening to a lot of Blood Orange – the ‘Freetown Sound’ album is amazing, and I’ll never get enough of his ‘Cupid Deluxe’.

I have to admit that I’m listening to a lot of my own stuff at the moment because it’s so exciting to work with all the people I’ve met in Berlin, and since I’ve started at BIMM, I’m more connected than ever. I’ve been able to focus on that unique sound that I want to bring to the hip-hop scene.

WHAT do you love about Berlin?

I love that everyone is supporting the art scene, whether it’s music, art, filmmaking, photography, journalism, or something different. Everyone loves to be around creativity, even if they’re just spectators. This is my first time in a really big city that’s always awake, and I can pretty much do anything I want, whenever. Living on the east side of Berlin is so motivating ­– you can just walk out of the house and inspiration will slap you in the face. I know that these next few years are going to be some of the most memorable years of my life.

WHY did you choose Music Production?

I started out as a rapper, so I was always in control of writing my own music, but never the production. That can be a bit of a downer sometimes, because if you can’t compose, mix or master yourself, it can be hard to find the right sound. Also, I just had a lot of ideas in my mind but I couldn’t translate them to sound. I finally got into producing and decided I really wanted to master my craft so I searched up and down for schools and came across BIMM. It happened to be in Berlin, so it was perfect for me.

Join us in Berlin, the epicentre of Europe’s music scene.