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Who What Why: Janne Timmer

14th November 2017

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Janne Timmer is a first year student from Amsterdam studying Songwriting at BIMM Berlin. We caught up with Janne to find out more about her life in music.

WHO are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of this Dutch blues band from the 70s called Cuby & the Blizzards. I especially think their song ‘Gin House Blues’ from the album ‘Desolation’ is amazing. I’m also very into the song ‘Make It Rain’ by Foy Vance. I used to listen to vinyls a lot but I couldn’t bring my record player with me when I moved here. Luckily my CD player wanted to join me, so I’m currently expanding my CD collection. I just bought the albums ‘You Want It Darker’ by Leonard Cohen, ‘Moon Safari’ by Air, ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley and ‘Wonderlustre’ by Skunk Anansie. They’re all amazing albums to check out… and if you’ve got some CDs you don’t listen to or maybe some of your band, please donate them to me! 😉

WHAT do you love about Berlin?

The second time I visited Berlin was during the summer of 2016 on an interrail trip. I walked out of the Hauptbahnhof and felt the amazing energy of the city. I was so happy and I got so emotional that I started crying and thought “damn, if this city does this to me, I should move here”. I love the energy here, the free vibe, the creativity, the people, the graffiti, the rawness, the yellow u-bahn trains, and my favourite bar Kiki Sol… but most of all I love the comfortable feeling of ‘home’ that this city gives me.

WHY did you choose Songwriting?

I chose the Songwriting course over Vocals or Music Business because of its creativity and the chance to develop myself as a songwriter and performing artist. I’ve been writing songs since I was ten years old and always had a secret dream to follow that passion. BIMM gives me the opportunity to experiment, explore and really focus on my music. I love to be surrounded by all the talented people here. I’m really open to collaborations and am secretly looking for an enthusiastic bassist and drummer!

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