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Who What Why : LVPO

4th May 2017

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Sam, Harry, Ben and Gio from BIMM Manchester’s LVPO answer their Who, What and Why

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Sam: I’m listening to Drenge and Tame Impala
Harry: I’m listening to Crowded House and Courtney Barnett
Ben: I’m listening to Marmozets and Beartooth
Gio: I’m currently listening to Alcest, Patti Smith and Amaral.

What do you love about Manchester?

Sam: I love the live music scene, there’s a load of gigs on in every corner of the city every night!
Harry: I love the Victorian architecture which leaves a free and open sky, I love the bussell of busy people and the way everyone moves with purpose. I like the way the music scene is vibrant but still open to new bands and you never know what you might find round the corner. I can’t think of a better place to be.
Ben: i love how we have one of the best music scenes in the country and there is loads of great opportunities out our disposal!
Gio: Manchester is a city of diversity and open-mindedness unlike any other. It’s not too big or too small and has a space for everyone, no matter who you are. It’s the perfect place for young people looking to expand their horizons.

Why did you choose your course?

Sam (Music Business): I wanted to get into the other side of music, the business side
Harry (Guitar): I chose course as guitar is the instrument I am most proficient in and in my mind the one I am most likely to successful in. The draw of the degree however was because of the great ability to meet other committed and skilful musicians
Ben (Bass): I wanted to become a better musician and to make connections
Gio (Vocals): I wanted to meet like-minded people and get into the music industry. I met my band here and plenty of people who have helped me to grow as a musician. But mostly I wanted to push myself to improve and grow and learn things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Not only have I improved as a vocalist and am become a well-rounded musician, through my course I’ve had the opportunity to learn and improve in songwriting, arranging, production, business, artist development and more.

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