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Who What Why: Kirstie Rawlinson

20th August 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

My music is always pretty mixed and I tend to go off what genre matches my mood on the day, but if I were to give my top 3 at the minute I’d definitely say Lana Del Rey (who inspires a lot of my songwriting), The Last Shadow Puppets and a new female fronted band I recently saw at YNOT festival called Bang Bang Romeo, who are absolutely insane live!

What do you love about Manchester?

I was born and bred in Manchester and didn’t exactly grow up in the best area… but coming to BIMM has allowed me to meet so many different people from around the country who are into the exact same thing as me, which I never had the opportunity to growing up. It’s such a diverse, buzzing and interesting city and I don’t think the atmosphere is quite like anywhere else.

Why Songwriting?

Songwriting is great, because I love playing instruments, singing, performing and writing and this course lets me practice and combine all of them together. The amount of talent on my course is insane. Being surrounded by other songwriters keeps me inspired and even during the times when I hit writers block (because it does happen to pretty much every songwriter ever!), there is always help and motivation from a lot of my friends/tutors.

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