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Who What Why: Hazel Smith

12th February 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the top of my playlist these days you’ll find a lot of Muse, especially their lesser known stuff like B-sides. I’ve been listening to them since I was a teen, but I’ve recently started paying attention to their music a different way, focusing more on the harmonies, chords, choices of sounds, etc.

Then of course there’s my typical “holy trinity”: David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Alex Turner. The first for how he’d manage to create a whole different universe within each album. The second for how they grew with their time staying on top of electronic innovation, and also Dave Gahan – the lead singer’s voice. And the last for his talent in writing poetic lyrics that turn the most simple modern day story into an epic tale.
Other than that I listen to a lot of indie/rock bands like Royal Blood, The Amazons and Yonaka.

What do you love about London?

What’s amazing about being a musician London is that everywhere you get to perform, there is a piece of history. A lot of my musical idols are from (or have started their career in) London and have performed in venues that I’ve performed at with my band D’Haze. It’s quite humbling to be on a stage about to show your music to an audience and think to yourself “Bowie was here” some 40/50 years ago. It makes you feel like anything’s possible.

Why Songwriting?

I formed D’Haze almost a year ago with mates I met in Diploma, and we’ve been writing together ever since. We have two singles available on all streaming platforms and have gigged around London with a fully rehearsed set. Now, as a singer, I usually come up with lyrics and melodies but I felt limited musically speaking and I was relying on my bandmates too much. I decided to come back to BIMM and start the Songwriting degree to be able to channel ideas out of my head, and bring something more of myself into the band’s songwriting process. We are now more productive, and are planning on releasing our first EP in April!