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Who What Why: Chris Kelly

12th February 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to a lot of Nothing But Thieves recently, both albums are amazing and I have them on repeat these days! I’m also listening to Steven Wilson’s newest live album ‘Home Invasion’, which has some incredible musicians featured on it. Would highly recommend all his solo work and his past project – Porcupine Tree.

What do you love about Brighton?

Brighton is such a welcoming city, that’s evident from the sheer diversity of people living here. I love that because it reminds you how exciting life is when you see how different people’s backgrounds can be…you really can learn something from everyone. The music scene is such an intrinsic part of Brighton life, with gigs on pretty much every night!

Why Guitar?

The guitar course has been so fulfilling! The tutors are amazing and work so hard – they are very supportive and encourage you to develop your style. I’ve learned a lot of skills that have improved my technique, songwriting and musicianship. Walking on stage, into a studio, or rehearsal space feels far less daunting because of the knowledge I’ve gained.