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15th February 2017

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Not one brilliant student, but TWO! Harvey and Tequisha, both Songwriting students from BIMM Brighton, have taken time out of their busy schedules to tell us what they love about studying at BIMM…

Who are you listening to at the moment? 
Harvey – I’m listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s new album, ‘Third World Pyramid’.

Tequisha – I’ve been listening to a lot of LANY and Jadu Heart at the moment, both completely different but I just love the blend of ambient and electronic sounds they incorporate in their individual styles.

What do you love about Brighton?
Harvey – My favourite thing about Brighton is definitely the music scene, there’s a handful of events happening every night!

Tequisha – I love how expressive and free it is here, there’s no place like it. It’s such a creative haven, everywhere you go there’s art on the walls or coloured buildings, it’s just full of life.

Why Songwriting?
Harvey – My course grants you the opportunity to meet a whole host of creative people, the interaction with those people can really change the way you think.

Tequisha – I’ve always had a love for both English and Music, the two seemed to come together naturally as I was growing up, they just fit. When I was looking at courses I came across Songwriting and it just felt right.


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