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Who What Why : Hannah Hiemstra

3rd April 2017

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Next up to feature on our Who What Why feature is Hannah

Here they are discussing their BIMM Dublin experience so far…

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m revisiting to a lot of Tori Amos. I loved her work since I was 13. It is so good! I love her older stuff: Little earthquakes and Boys for Pele.  But also later work, her 2011 concept album Night of Hunters is so impressive.
I’ve been devouring the live album Dulce Pontes em concerto, A brisa do coração. She is a Portuguese Fado singer. It is so powerful and it’s simply amazing.
And beside other music I’ve been listening to film scores. Work by, for example, John powell, Carter Burrwell and Dario Marianelli. I love film music.

What do you love about Dublin?

When I first moved to Ireland and Dublin I was surprised how open and friendly the people were. That was a good start! I think the music scene here is very alive, and there are always gigs on.

Why Drums?

Well, I’ve been playing drums for years and I knew that I was going to study music. I just wasn’t sure where. Then I came across BIMM Dublin and the Creative Musicianship course. I really like that my main instrument is drums but that I’m also a songwriter. I really think that this combination makes me a better musician.


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