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Who What Why: Dan Fraser

16th July 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment the main artists are probably Sigrid, Carmody and Fickle Friends. Sigrid has such an incredible energy in her voice and her melodies are infectiously good. It’s the level of catchy pop I dream of writing! And, the production of Fickle Friends’ material is sublime, it has a tendency of making me want to dance around my room.

What do you love about Brighton?

The location and atmosphere are two things that make me want to live here forever. Being next to the sea is stunning, and such an escape when it needs to be. I’ve also never been so inspired by one place in my life; there’s so much going on it’s impossible not to keep finding new ideas.

Why Songwriting?

I use songwriting as a way of expressing the things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to say. It’s always been an avenue for me to confess and explain parts of my life, and there’s something fascinating (but also therapeutic) about turning this into a form of storytelling. Developing and polishing this at BIMM has been so encouraging, and having so many different views and ideas being put forward about your music in one place, by so many people who really believe in what you do, is invaluable. It only makes you want to get better.

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