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Who What Why : Conor Harrington

3rd March 2017

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Next up to feature on our Who What Why feature is Conor Harrington, discussing his BIMM Bristol experience so far…

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve recently been listening to Pinegrove’s newest album Cardinal which is one of my favorite albums of 2016. They do phenomenal things with timing and playing around with feel, and their lyrics and vocal delivery are so unique.

Bon Iver’s new album 22, A Million has been on heavy rotation as well, it’s just a hard album to pin down as one singular genre and I love the way he blends styles. I’ve also been revisiting much of Kendrick Lamar’s discography as I will be writing my Analytical Perspectives paper on his album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

Also Mariah Carey’s greatest hits, she’s beyond dope!!

What do you love about Bristol?

Definitely the people. I love connecting with others and Bristol has some of the most unique and crazy characters I’ve ever seen!! Pair this with the eclectic music scene and plethora of open mic and jam nights and you have a great city to live and thrive in.

Why Drums?

OK so this is kind of a funny story…

When I was younger I was really into games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and I got so good at playing toy drums that I decided to bite the bullet and buy a full kit and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I decided to pursue my studies further after meeting James Hester, the Head of Drums at a drum academy in Winchester and I can honestly say that I would never be at my current level of playing or musicianship if it weren’t for BIMM and the friends and connections I’ve made here.

Like, for real, best decision of my short life so far.


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