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Who What Why: Ciara Brennan

19th February 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

Right at this very moment I am listening to Death Cab for Cutie. I just saw them in the Olympia and it spurred on the obsession. I’m also listening to Classic Yellow, Kojaque, Sorry, Hannah’s Little Sister (their one song), Pow Pig, Girlfriend, Sunflower Bean and Courtney Barnett. I really enjoy smart lyrics. The music is equally as important, but it really hooks me when I hear an interesting lyric. There are so many Irish acts killing it at the moment, so we are spoilt for choice with what we listen to. 59/100 of my Top 100 tracks on Spotify in 2018 were by Irish artists.

What do you love about Dublin?

I love the endless possibilities of Dublin. It is such a creative city and there is so much history. I’m from a small village in Wexford. Dublin is very different to that but it is still a small city which is nice because despite being smaller than most other cities, it still has an abundance of music venues and there are gigs happening every night of the week. There is also a strong community of promoters, photographers, videographers and designers. BIMM is an amazing way for musicians from all over Ireland and the world to be immersed into this scene.

Why Vocals?

I chose vocals as I love to sing and I wanted to learn more. While after 4 years of BIMM I am leaning more towards the music business and PR aspects of the industry, I still learned so much about my voice and about how to perform. I used to have stage fright and I’ve really overcome that through learning about the technical aspects of my voice and different types of stage craft.

You should take every opportunity and try everything out while you are studying in BIMM because you never know when you will find your passion. In my four years I’ve discovered a love for music photography, setting up my own photography business, She Bop Imagery. I’ve also been an events planner and music journalist, so the possibilities are endless on what you can do while you’re studying!