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Who What Why : Amy Shaw

20th June 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I was the stereotypical classic rock kid at 13 who would say, “I only listen to rock music”.  I will always love bands like Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, Alter Bridge and Halestorm but since coming to BIMM I’ve started listening to so many other genres, because you’re around so many people with different tastes.  I really like Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga now. I’ve also got really into Jazz Fusion Artists like The Aristocrats and Snarky Puppy.

What do you love about Brighton?

I love that there is always something happening in Brighton; everywhere is always so busy and you can go and explore all the cool little shops and cafes in the Lanes. I also like that everything is so close and connected so you’re constantly bumping in to people you know. It feels like a close little community whilst also having all that a large city has to offer, which is one of the reasons I chose to come to Brighton rather than London.

Why Guitar?

I’ve been playing since I was 12 and ever since then I haven’t really wanted to do anything else with my time. After college I didn’t know what I was going to do until my guitar teacher told me about BIMM. I did some research and I thought it’d be the best course for me because you’re learning from tutors with so much experience and you’re not only learning about guitar but you’re also learning about the industry itself.

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