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Who What Why : Adam Henderson

18th April 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I recently got hold of Massive Attack’s second album ‘Protection’, as well as Tricky’s latest album ‘Ununiform’. Both are great but ‘Protection’ has a wicked vibe – I love all the dubby production. I’m also completely hooked on the track ‘Bip Bop’ by Paul McCartney & Wings. It’s so catchy I’ve been playing it for weeks! Prior to this I was a bit unsure of the music they made, thinking Paul never made anything as good as when he was in The Beatles, but this tune has sparked my interest to dig a bit deeper!

What do you love about Bristol?

What’s not to love? It has everything I need in a city without being too daunting in size! It’s a melting pot for culture and creativity, with some seriously good art and music venues. I like that it’s really easy to get away from the city and into the countryside too; places like Ashton Court are amazing in the summer, and there’s also a scenic route from Bristol to Bath that follows the old train line which you can cycle along. I also love the strange things you see on a day-to-day basis – I once saw a man climb a hill at Castle Park in the middle of the pouring rain just to play the trumpet!

Why Music Production?

I tend to draw inspiration from many styles of music, so I think Music Production is important to me to develop the practical skills required to efficiently explore different genres – whether it’s through my own productions or through recording other artists. If there’s anything else I want to learn or any skills I want to push outside of this, I can pick up tutorials with the teachers at BIMM and attend the Masterclasses.