What could your future in film look like?

1st June 2023

Welcome to week 4 and this, the final installment of our Screen and Film School journey. We’ve taken you back in time to the very first days of the original Film School, and we’ve looked at the exciting first weeks and months of every new student when they begin their studies with us. Now it’s time to look ahead to the future and to focus on what industry opportunities are out there in the world of film for every successful graduate.  

In the last two years alone our students have had active roles on current hit TV shows such as Grace, Silent Witness, The Repair Shop, The Crown and Gogglebox. As well as the following feature films: My Policeman, Portraits of Dangerous Women, Mission: Impossible 7, and The Captain. For over ten years we have made it our number one priority to prepare our students for successful careers in the film and screen industry and this is the perfect opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on some of our many industry success stories.  

“Since I started studying at Screen and Film School, it’s cemented even more to me that this is what I absolutely want to do in life. I’m proud that I’ve clocked up some top-quality film credits during my studies, from camera trainee on two ITV dramas, DI Ray (HMT Productions) and Nolly (ITVX) to being on-set PA on Mission: Impossible 7 (Paramount), which was filmed right here in Birmingham.”

Yonatan Tiruneh, Production Assistant, Screen and Film School Birmingham


“One of my most enjoyable experiences behind the camera has been working as a researcher on BBC2’s Great British Menu. It’s been one of my longest running continuous roles, lasting over six months. I have also found success working on the much-loved Channel 4 programme Gogglebox, as an Edit Researcher. I am now in my second year working on the show and although we work nights, it’s always so fun and upbeat.”

Rene Lorraine, Researcher, Screen and Film School Brighton graduate


“During my time at the Film School, I have worked on music videos for The Pixies, Corella and Standing Man. I have also entered a competition called Minute Shorts, which I won, and came third in a BFI horror competition.”

Muhammed Bittaye, Director, Screen and Film School Manchester


“Following my first year at the Film School, I managed to get a month-long paid internship on a feature length Bollywood film as a script supervisor and assistant director during the summer. I did this by getting in contact with one of the production companies, Waveband Productions. I travelled with the team around the West Midlands and in the process learnt so much about what it is like to work on a real set.”

Renee Ahmen, Script Supervisor, Screen and Film School Birmingham


“Throughout summer 2022 I worked as a production assistant on Portraits of Dangerous Women, an opportunity that was offered to me through the Film School. Although challenging to find my feet at first, it was a fantastic experience, and I was able to increase my knowledge of the industry. The network I built on set has helped me in my final year, by being able to draw on my network and the specialist knowledge to help with my graduation project.”

Oliver Howe, Production Assistant, Screen and Film School Brighton


“During my studies so far, I’ve done an internship at Scruff of the Neck, volunteered at Kino Film Festival and spent a day as a runner on a feature, 5lbs of Pressure, starring Rory Culkin. Amazingly, I am also due to be on set for a Lionsgate production featuring Morgan Freeman in 2023. As someone who didn’t come from a filmmaking background, I feel proud of my achievements so far and look forward to the those yet to come.”

Meaghan Hutchinson, Runner, Screen and Film School Manchester

Those are the individual success stories of six of our current students and recent graduates from Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester. One thing that they all have in common is that they can tap into our five-year Alumni guarantee. When students graduate from Screen and Film School, they remain a part of our community, with all the benefits this brings, for a period of up to five years. Our extensive network of industry contacts will support and inform their successful progression into a chosen career path, and we will continue to work to support filmmakers after they have left. 

We hope you have enjoyed this Screen and Film School student journey: from application to graduation, and beyond! Where will your film journey take you?



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