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Video game cosplay in Berlin

27th June 2024

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If you’re a student at BIMM University Berlin, you’re already surrounded by fellow enthusiasts of game design, storytelling and interactive media. But did you know that Berlin is also a thriving hub for video game cosplay? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this city’s cosplay scene offers endless opportunities to connect, create and have fun.

What is video game cosplay?

For the uninitiated, cosplay means ‘costume play,’ and it’s where participants dress up as characters from their favorite video games, movies, books or other media. It’s not just about wearing a costume; it’s about embodying the character, bringing them to life through your attire, makeup, and even role-play. In Berlin, cosplay isn’t just a hobby – it’s a vibrant community full of creative individuals.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is a city that thrives on creativity and diversity, making it an ideal place for cosplay. From the annual conventions like Gamescom and Film & Comic Con Berlin to smaller, more intimate gatherings, there’s always something happening in the cosplay scene.

Getting started with cosplay

Finding your character

The first step in your cosplay journey is choosing a character. Since you’re studying video games, why not start with a beloved character from your favorite game? Whether it’s Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, or Mario from Super Mario Bros., the options are endless. Pick a character you resonate with and feel excited about portraying.

Crafting your costume

Once you’ve chosen your character, it’s time to create your costume. There are multiple shops and markets in Berlin where you can find materials. Browse the city’s many charity shops, as well as craft stores like Modulor, for everything from fabrics to paints. Don’t forget online stores, such as Etsy and eBay, for specific costume parts and accessories.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, joining a local cosplay workshop can be incredibly helpful. Berlin has numerous maker spaces and workshops where you can learn to sew, make props, and even work with advanced materials like EVA foam and Worbla. Keep an eye on social media groups and forums for upcoming workshops and DIY sessions.

Makeup and styling

Great cosplay isn’t complete without proper makeup and hairstyling. Whether you’re going for a fantastical look, with vibrant colors and intricate designs, or a more realistic appearance, makeup can elevate your costume. Some local makeup artists offer tutorials and services for cosplayers. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of makeup tutorials for specific video game characters on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

The cosplay scene in Berlin

Berlin hosts several conventions where you can showcase your cosplay and meet fellow enthusiasts.

  • German Film & Comic Con Berlin features numerous panels, workshops and contests, allowing you to connect with other cosplayers and industry professionals.
  • Although Gamescom takes place in Cologne, many Berliners make the journey, as it’s a fantastic opportunity to test the latest video games and show off your cosplay.
  • Based in the Fontane-Haus Cultural Centre, MMC Berlin offers gaming tournaments, cosplay competitions, workshops, and even karaoke.
  • Respawn Berlin, which happens in June, is perfect for those who enjoy the crossovers between gaming, anime, manga, cosplay and furries.
  • For something different, visit Manga and Entertainment Expo (MEX) Berlin. Here, you can meet artists, play games and listen to great music, all while enjoying the excellent Japanese food and drink.

In addition to these large conventions, Berlin boasts a number of smaller, regular meetups for avid cosplayers. These gatherings are less formal and offer a more relaxed environment to socialise and share tips. You can find these events on and Facebook.

Building a community

One of the best parts of cosplay is the sense of community it fosters. By attending events and joining local groups, you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your love for video games and creativity.

Having a strong online presence can also enhance your cosplay experience. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitch are popular among cosplayers. Share your progress, post tutorials, and connect with an international community. Not only can this help you improve your craft, but it can also lead to long-lasting friendships.

The benefits of cosplay

Cosplay not only offers endless entertainment, but it also enhances various skills:

  • Creativity: Designing costumes and props can allow you to express your artistic side.
  • Problem-solving: Creating a costume often involves overcoming challenges and finding innovative solutions.
  • Confidence: Embodying a character and presenting your work to others can significantly boost your confidence.
  • Networking: The cosplay community is full of professionals from various industries, providing valuable networking opportunities.

Join us in Berlin

Berlin is a fantastic place to dive into the world of video game cosplay. Whether you’re crafting your first costume or refining your latest creation, there are endless opportunities to meet people, learn new skills and express yourself.

At BIMM University Berlin, our creative community spans the worlds of video games, music, film and performing arts. There are many ways to find like-minded people: on your course, in your accommodation, or at our many events and societies. You may build your own cosplay community here, or you might prefer to use cosplay as a chance to connect with people outside the university.

Cosplay is all about fun, creativity and self-expression – just like BIMM University Berlin! Attend an open day to discover more about our video games courses, facilities and industry connections.



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