Track of the Week

The Stealers – Chivalry

22nd November 2021


BIMM Institute Brighton students Alex Roberts-Anderson, Noah Longhurst, George Hart and Junior Vieira-Dawes, make up The Stealers and are our Track of the Week. Their latest track, Chivalry, is a punk rock exploration into love and relationships.

Check it out below!

Describe your new track in three words…

Lively, catchy, fun

What inspired you when writing this track?

The inspiration to write this track came from the concept that ‘chivalry is dead’ in the modern age, and long-lasting, convenient or less meaningful ones have replaced romantic relationships, which results in unsatisfied people in unsatisfying relationships. The lyrics take a more cynical approach to this theme and discuss an individual discontent with their own relationship.

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?

We all have different artists we are influenced by, which allows us to bring different music aspects into our writing.

What would you say makes your music unique?

What makes us unique is that our songs have different feels and sounds. For example, our single ‘Scream’ captures the band’s rawness, whereas our latest single ‘Chivalry’ encapsulates a more relatable message.

Do you have a process you follow when writing a song?

It changes every time we write. Either we will have a riff and write around that, or we will come up with some lyrics first.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

We all met through BIMM Institute, which has enabled us to start this band in the first place. The lectures have helped guide us through the industry and will do so as we progress further.

What’s next for you?

We are planning to release an EP early next year and hope to go on tour around the UK to promote the EP and new songs in the pipeline. We want to get into some festival circuits next summer to help us grow even more.

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