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Finding Help Along The Way- The Importance of Student Support

6th April 2020

Studying at BIMM Institute was one of the best choices that I’ve ever made. As an institute, they have so much to offer – from their industry contacts and incredible lecturers to their extracurricular activities. One of the best things though is their Student Support team. 

Studying at a higher-education level comes with many trials and tribulations and is a constant journey of progression. Many students choose to live away from home and have to learn how to become independent for the first time. During my time at BIMM, I had a turbulent time emotionally and struggled to settle into university life. Luckily for BIMM students, there is an amazing team of Student Support Officers to help support along the way.

Having had non-diagnosed pre-existing mental health issues, moving away from home turned into a real struggle for me. On top of this, the stresses of studying for a degree and starting a whole new life took its toll. During, term one and two of the first year, I struggled on until I hit a breaking point. I then turned to my Student Support Officer for support.

The Student Support team at BIMM is divided by discipline, and when starting you are assigned your Officer that you can go to with any issues. The team can help with most uni-related issues, but also offer support on a pastoral level to help with mental health issues, housing problems and general health queries. If they don’t have the answer, they can pass you on to the right person to help.

I started having weekly meetings to check in with my Student Support Officer. BIMM has rooms where support meetings are held. In this environment, you have the full attention of your Student Support Officer, but also have a safe space to discuss whatever is affecting you. This was a massive aid in reflecting on my issues to get the help that I needed. Through my meetings, I managed to get referred for counselling and from that gained a diagnosis and support for my mental health. Without the support of my Officer, I would never have reached out for that level of help.

Anyone studying at BIMM Institute has access to so much help and support, and no question is too silly. The Student Support team are available for tutorials as well as email support. They are also there to monitor attendance and are super understanding when issues with this do arise.

Current times are bound to have a knock-on effect on mood and mindset. However, do not panic. Student Support Officers will be holding virtual tutorials that you can book directly via email with them. Counselling support will also be continuing, but in a virtual capacity too. The Student Support team will also be setting up some well-being activities, such as mindfulness, pub quizzes and chat drop-ins.

There’s also a fantastic team of mentors to support you guys during your time at BIMM. All of the mentors are ex-students that have been exactly where you guys are. They are here to offer advice and support from a student perspective and will be getting involved with chat drop-ins and various activities in the coming weeks.

During this difficult time, my main advice is to reach out if you need it. I realise that this is sometimes easier said than done, but there is such a broad selection of help and activities to choose from and it is so important that people pull together in these strange times.

Our Student Support teams are always here for you, no matter how you feel and whatever you’re going through. You can reach out to your team at any point through the college emails:

London: [email protected]

Brighton: [email protected]

Bristol: [email protected]

Birmingham: [email protected]

Manchester: [email protected]

Dublin: [email protected]

Hamburg: [email protected]

Berlin: [email protected]


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