Track of the Week

Jess Kemp – We Were Falling

6th April 2020


Happy Monday, how are you all doing?

We’re back with a brand new Track of the Week. This week, we’re with the much anticipated new single from BIMM Institute Manchester Alumna Jess Kemp!

Take a listen, and discover more about the story behind the track.

What was your inspiration when you began writing the single?
‘We Were Falling’ is a very personal track for me. I always write from personal experience in a way that I hope others can relate. The story behind the song follows a couple whose relationship has fallen apart for one reason or another. After a brief break in the relationship, the song follows the narrative of the couple trying to find each other again using the metaphorical idea of life changing from black and white into full colour again. The music video follows this idea too with bursts of colour being introduced as the couple get closer and closer back together. Watch the video below.

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?

I am constantly inspired by the artists I love to listen to and I think the more that music evolves, the more inspirational it becomes. This track is a bit synth-pop-esque and I definitely feel like ‘After Laughter’ by Paramore was a huge influence on this one. I also regularly listen to KT Tunstall, Alanis Morisette, Fleetwood Mac and I think there are elements of those in there.

What is key to your sound and how do you make your music stand out?

All of my latest releases and the upcoming releases for this year have been recorded and produced by Sugar House in St. Helens and I think that is a massive key to forming a continuous sound. Lee and Ady (Sugar House) have an ear for what is ‘current’ whilst also helping the artist remain authentic to their roots. My roots were solo acoustic, and that’s still the way I write. It’s nice to make sure an element of acoustic remains in there, sometimes more prominent than others.

How does your songwriting process work?

I always write about personal experience. The songwriting process for one track usually begins when I have experienced some kind of strong emotion around something. I write quite logically in the way that I put time aside to sit and write and I do it in a specific period of time. I start with the basic chords and then add lyrics to that, usually the verses first and then the chorus/pre-chorus.

With this new track ‘We Were Falling’, I co-wrote with my lead guitarist Sam Butterworth. I did the above steps to get the song to a skeleton state and then we worked on it together to fill in the gaps, i.e. lead guitar, bass, synth, etc. Then from there, we went to Sugar House and worked with Lee and Ady to get the song to where it is now.

Describe your sound in three words…

Road-Trip, Synth-Pop, Acoustic-Esque (more than three words but I used hyphens as a loophole 😂).

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

I studied at BIMM between 2015-2018 and it really helped me to open my mind from a marketing point of view. As a self-managed artist, I have always had a passion to lead my own projects, and besides songwriting and performing, I find the marketing side really exciting. I have to thank a lot of my lecturers for the help they gave me in the promotion, marketing and artist developmental areas of my career.

Things have changed slightly now as I currently work at BIMM Institute Manchester as a Teaching Assistant and the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme Coordinator. I love watching students progress with their musical projects and making exciting moves in the music industry. BIMM Institute is definitely a great breeding ground for new musicians and new sounds and it’s always a pleasure to share ideas and discuss projects with other students and staff.

What’s next for you?

I’ve got two more releases planned for 2020. Stay tuned on social media for more updates!