Studying MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries with Becs Grzegorzek

17th June 2021

Our MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries is perfect if you’re looking to enter into a teaching career, but there’s a whole host of reasons why students choose this course pathway.

Former BIMM Student Becs Grzegorzek shares why she came back to BIMM to study with us:

What made you choose the MA?

Having finished my undergraduate degree in professional musicianship at BIMM Institute Brighton, I worked in retail for a year. When hunting for other jobs in education and music, I realised that my CV did not lend itself to these areas. I also missed being in education, so I took the jump to study the MA Learning and Teaching in Creative Industries. I wanted to further my skill set and gain experience in Higher Education whilst gaining a qualification that would help me find work outside of retail.

Going out into the big wide world after my undergrad degree wasn’t quite what I expected, and I felt that I wasn’t being challenged or growing practically or academically. I chose the MA as I knew it would be challenging, especially studying the full-time option (1 year). When selecting the course, I wholeheartedly believed that I wanted to be a teacher in higher education. Little did I know that the MA would open many different doors.

What has been your highlight?

My highlight has been studying the Coaching and Mentoring module. Not only do you gain experience, but the level of personal growth I achieved through coaching others and being coached myself, was extremely surprising. This module opened my eyes to possible career paths that weren’t teaching related. This was something I never expected to experience when starting the course. Through the module, I have now found my career path and gained many transferrable skills that I can use if I do want to teach or work in higher education.

How have you found the course?

Studying full-time whilst working freelance has been challenging, and the full-time course is pretty intense. However, it has been gratifying to gain so much experience in such a short time, and I truly feel ready to make the jump into working full time after this course. The teaching team are incredible and are dedicated to the students and their learning. Student services are also highly nurturing and are there to support pastorally. I have never felt so much support on an academic course, and the progress that I have made in such a short amount of time has been invaluable. Studying throughout a pandemic has undoubtedly been an exciting experience, but the BIMM staff adapted and supported us at every point.

I feel truly grateful to have studied this MA, and the standard and delivery of the course has been exceptional. I have also loved working with other passionate creatives, and the people I have met have been so supportive and encouraging. If I could do it all again, I definitely would.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying the MA?

My most significant bit of advice is that you don’t need to have it set in stone that you want to be a teacher to study this course. There are so many other pathways that this course can lead to. Having started the course wanting to be a teacher, I am now ending it in the hopes of becoming a professional coach, and that is something I could never have predicted. Teaching is a huge part of the course, and an interest in pedagogy or working in education is essential to study this course.

The full-time MA is a big-time investment, but there is also a part-time (2 year) option which some students find more manageable. Studying a Masters is a big choice, and I would suggest waiting and researching before making that choice. BIMM have regular open days and experience days, and I would encourage you to book in, speak to the students and tutors and get a real feel for the course.