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The 10 Best Beer Gardens to Visit in Manchester

16th June 2021

If there’s one thing I wish I’d done differently at drama school… I wish I’d gone out more! Training schedules can be intense, add in essays and part-time jobs – you’ve got a recipe that means NO time to socialise. But that’s what being a student is all about! So this is your sign to go and enjoy one of Manchester’s many beer gardens and take some time for yourself. To help you out, here’s a list of 10 Beer gardens that you should put at the top of your list! Summer’s here – let’s make the most of it!


The Courtyard

2 Chester St, Manchester, M1 5SH

£2.50 cocktails and £5 double gin and mixers? These are some bargains that can’t be refused! It makes sense to start with a bargain hotspot, and The Courtyard is your place to go. With a massive outdoor seating area that’s completely covered to protect you from that annoying drizzle, it’s the perfect place for a cheap and fun night out. Plus it’s a great place to meet other students (safely, with social distancing of course) as students from all over Manchester visit The Courtyard! So get yourself down there and grab a bargain drink – and some decently priced food if you’re peckish.


Common and Nell’s Pizza

39-41 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HW

Over in the Northern Quarter, Common Bar and Eatery is the perfect place to find some holiday vibes! Outdoor seating in the street gives the whole area that relaxed, no-one-is-in-a-rush holiday feel, and not only can you order amazing cocktails (or wine, beer or gin for those who don’t fancy a Pina Colada), but Nell’s Pizza in the kitchen will serve you up some amazing NYC style pizza! A combination that can’t go wrong.


Bunny Jacksons

1 Jack Rosenthal St, Manchester, M15 4RA

Now we all like a snack with our drinks… how about a chicken wing for 20p from Bunny Jacksons?? £5 for a spirit and mixer isn’t too bad a price, but the MEGA CHEAP chicken wings make up for it! Plus they have some veggie options for our non-meat eaters out there. It’s made me hungry just thinking about it…sorry, what were we talking about? Walk-ins only, food till 10pm and drinks until 3pm PLUS I heard a rumour about a happy hour – I wouldn’t pass it up if I were you!


256 Wilmslow Road

256 Wilmslow Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6LB

Housed in an old church, 256 Wilmslow is a beautiful drinks venue that you don’t want to miss out on! Of course, it’s outdoors only at the moment (although that will soon change…) but it is a great place to head to with your friends, whether you fancy a nice drink and bite in the day or a bit of a party in the evening! Plus they host a whole load of theme nights when they’re allowed, starting back with a ‘We Love the 00’s’ night, which is back NOW and can be enjoyed in your group of six every Friday! They’re open until 2am, so that’s almost a whole night out? Make sure to download their app to order your drinks, and maybe find some discounts when you do.


Revolution Deansgate Locks

Arch 7 Deansgate Locks, M1 5LH

Did you know there are four Revolution bars in Manchester? I didn’t! That’s a little bit mad when you think about it… but anyway, I’ve heard that if you’re looking for a party, the Revolution at Deansgate Locks is the way to go! Now Revs is known for always having a good deal on, including 2-4-1 cocktails Sunday to Friday, and £20 bottomless brunch at the weekends – what’s not to love! More deals can also be found on their app, so get down there and enjoy a cocktail is what I’m saying!


Crazy Pedro’s Bridge Street

55-57 Bridge St, Manchester, M3 3BQ

Hang on, I think I’m starting to notice a pattern here…cheap drinks and pizza? I think Manchester knows how to keep students happy! Crazy Pedro’s loves to party, and with a massive tequila selection and various deals every day, what’s stopping you from joining the fun? From £5 lunch deals to 2-4-£10 cocktails, there’s something to please everyone – and after a hard week of training, a slice of pizza and a frozen margarita might be exactly what you need to unwind! Go on, you deserve it!


The Wharf

The Wharf, 6 Slate Wharf, Manchester, M15 4ST

If you’re looking for a garden with a view, The Wharf is perfect for you! They have a massive beer garden out front that overlooks the canal, which is a perfect place to soak up some sun and have a drink with your best ones. They also have one of the longest gin lists I’ve ever seen, so if you’re a gin lover like me this is the place for you! Not only that, but on Sunday’s they serve an excellent roast, so you can head over for that taste of home. Let’s all hope the sun comes out soon – I know what I want to be doing this weekend!


Rain Bar

80 Great Bridgewater St, Manchester, M1 5JG

Another beauty when it comes to sunny outdoor seating, Rain Bar is situated right by the canal and has three seating levels for you to enjoy the sun and a drink. Their drinks menu focuses on Beer and Wine, so if you like cask ale or a nice bottle of Zinfandel this is the one for you! Not to be missed for a drink with a view, and a fancier pub meal if the mood takes you!



103 Oxford Rd, Manchester, M1 7ED

Now I wouldn’t say Hatch is really a ‘beer garden’ in any sense of the phrase – however, it IS an incredible destination to drink and eat, and maybe even shop? With an espresso bar and nano-brewery to cover your drink needs, it has every type of food vendor you could ask for – Asian street food, tapas, vegan comfort munches and cheesecake on a stick? You’re truly spoilt for choice! You can even book a table if you want to guarantee your spot, so get yourself over for dinner at Hatch – at least 10 times to make sure you can try everything!


Brickhouse Social

11-13 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP

A 2-minute walk from The Dancehouse, Brickhouse Social is the perfect place to stop off if you fancy a quick drink and catch up with your pals! With a brand new beer garden to fit with restrictions, they’ve got beer, they’ve got cocktails, they’ve got wine…and on Saturday’s they have 90’s bottomless brunch? What a treat. Plus they’ve got students’ backs, with £2.50 pints and free pool all day! I’ll see you there for a game – although I might need a drink to help me play better first…


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Author: Charley Morgan, ICTheatre Graduate 2020


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