Screen and Film School student and graduate success stories from 2022: Part 3

23rd January 2023

It’s almost time. The UCAS Equal Consideration Deadline is this Wednesday, an important date which has proved to be the perfect excuse for us to celebrate some of the exciting industry activities that our students and graduates enjoyed last year.

To complete our mini-series, we’re going to hear from a student in Manchester and graduate from Screen and Film School Brighton. Their industry success stories illustrate the diverse range of film specialist areas that we help our students to prepare for. Moreover, the filmmaking activity they both enjoyed in 2022 should provide a real source of inspiration for students who are considering applying to the Film School ahead of the deadline this Wednesday.

First up is Meagan Hutchinson, who has had a recent brush with Hollywood and has another one to look forward to…

Meagan Hutchinson – Screen and Film School Manchester student


“Joining Screen and Film School Manchester bridged the gap between myself and the screen and film industry. During my first year, I had the opportunity to apply myself to new and exciting roles that ultimately led me to where I am now. Most recently, I’ve done an internship at Scruff of the Neck, as well as volunteering at Kino Film Festival. I was also fortunate enough to spend the day as a runner on a feature film; 5lbs of Pressure, which stars Hollywood actors Luke Evans and Rory Culkin.

As well as this, I am thrilled to say that I am due to step on set for a Lionsgate production which features Morgan Freeman. As someone who didn’t come from a filmmaking background, I feel proud of my achievements so far and look forward to the ones ahead.”

Maya Dodwell – Screen and Film School Brighton student

Director, Producer

“During my second year at the Film School, I was involved in a short documentary that was screened at the Depot Cinema in Lewes as part of Depot’s two-week Climate Action Festival, which coincided with COP 26. As well as this, my documentary film On the Verge was also screened there. It followed a climate hub in Seaford which creates awareness around climate change. It was thrilling to see my film on the big screen in a beautiful cinema, alongside other films made by my peers.

I cannot recommend enough to people who are considering studying at Screen and Film School the importance of jumping on every opportunity outside of the studying schedule. I find these experiences not only give me more confidence and added work to my CV, but they also help me with my cash flow. More than anything else, I enjoy collaborating with wonderful, creative people.”

Thank you to Maya, Meagan and to everyone who contributed their words and industry experiences in the run up to the all-important UCAS deadline. The hard work of our local Industry Teams across our three cities is paying off, and these uplifting stories are the best kind of evidence of that.

Only two days remain… applications for all 2023 entry UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on 25th January 2023.



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