Screen and Film School student and graduate success stories from 2022: Part 2

21st January 2023

The all-important UCAS Equal Consideration Deadline is just four days away, so following hot on the heels of our recent catch up with Renee Ahmed and Hugo Healy, we’re going to hear from two more Screen and Film School students about their experiences of working in the industry.

In the lead up to January the 25th, the date by which we will consider all applications for our degree courses, it’s the perfect excuse for us to speak to our young filmmakers about one of the most crucial aspects of their studies: entering the world of industry, spending time on set, and how the early steps of their career path are shaping up.

We’re returning to the Midlands to hear from Yonatan Tiruneh, and then we’re going south to Brighton where René Lorraine has been making big waves in the world of television.

Yonatan Tiruneh – Screen and Film School Birmingham student

Camera Trainee

“Since I started studying at Screen and Film School, it’s cemented even more to me that this is what I absolutely want to do in life.

I’m proud that I’ve clocked up some top-quality film credits during my studies, from camera trainee on two ITV dramas, DI Ray (HMT Productions) and Nolly (ITVX) to being on-set PA on Mission: Impossible 7 (Paramount), which was filmed right here in Birmingham.

I have also learnt two important principles about being on set: that kindness and being a team player is important for a successful long-term career. And to always keep a calm head and think logically about any task. Speed is key, but safety is paramount.”

René Lorraine – Screen and Film School Brighton graduate

Director, Producer, Researcher

“Without Screen and Film School I would not have become the filmmaker I am today. The degree took me from a person who knew nothing about making films to having my first documentary, One Piece of the Puzzle, being officially selected in 10 international film festivals.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to continue to be active in the industry on some very rewarding productions, meaning 2022 has been varied and full of industry opportunities. One of my most enjoyable experiences behind the camera has been working as researcher on BBC2’s Great British Menu. It’s been one of my longest running continuous roles, lasting over six months. I have had a say in the entire production process, from casting our chefs, to discussing their menus, right up to seeing them in the studio in finals week. It involves a lot of hard work and moving parts but it’s rewarding to see how what can feel like an impossible task can come together and be successful.

I have also found success working on the much-loved Channel 4 programme Gogglebox, as an edit researcher. I am now in my second year working on the show and although we work nights, it’s always so fun and upbeat. Working in the edit means that we see a lot of content which no one else will ever see, simply because each episode is an hour long and during a week, we capture over one hundred hours of time with the families. I feel like I know them as well as I know my own family!

What makes Screen and Film School stand out from the rest is the dedication the staff have to their students and that same dedication carries on after graduation for their alumni, like myself. They take an active involvement in career progression, giving graduates opportunities to showcase what they have learned to their many industry partners. They have consistently put me in the right environment to get to where I am today.”

Thanks to Yonatan and René; we love hearing from our students and graduates about their industry success stories. Thankfully there are a lot more examples of this and we will hear from two more students in the next installment of this mini-series.

And remember, with just four days to go, applications for all 2023 entry UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on 25th January 2023.



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