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Making the most of your time at BIMM ✌️

18th June 2023


There are plenty of ways to make the most of your time at BIMM and use its various resources to your advantage. Here are a few suggestions, including how to improve your CV, gain work experience opportunities and build confidence.

Put your email on your phone!

This is such a simple thing to do that so many people don’t bother with. By adding your BIMM email to your phone, you will avoid missing any important emails and will see opportunities as soon as possible. You also get easy access to the information you need, and the process of checking your BIMM emails is quicker. This is also handy when getting assessment results, as you will know as soon as they’re released!

Be proactive!

Set aside time in your week to focus on work experience opportunities, search for roles and get an idea of what positions are out there. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, gaining experience is the best way to work that out.

If you’re unsure about where to start, look through the job descriptions and see if they sound like something you would enjoy. Don’t forget to ask your lecturers about them as they can offer invaluable advice on roles.

If you have a particular company or role, reach out to your careers team! You never know where they have contacts, and they can help you gain the right experience.

Do the admin work early!

I know it’s tedious but get your CV together as soon as possible! Once you have it sorted, keep it regularly updated and have it proofread by your careers team. Having a set of notes ready to write cover letters can be beneficial. If you need help, you can create a template, but I’d avoid becoming too reliant on this.

As your cover letter needs to be specific to the role, it will be completely transparent if you don’t tailor it to what you’re applying for. If you have these under your belt, there will be far less work to do when you apply for roles. You can be confident in your CV and cover letter without any last-minute rush!

Put a face to a name!

Book tutorials and get to know your tutors, especially your course leader! These are valuable contacts; they can advise you on work experience, not just help you with course-related issues. Get to know your careers team; they have excellent contacts and can only help you if they know you.

When you apply for opportunities, your CV and cover letter go to your careers team, and they select the cream of the crop to put forward. Give yourself an advantage by keeping them updated. If they know who you are and what experience you’re looking for, they can keep an eye out for opportunities for you.

Put your best foot forward!

If you feel you lack any particular skills, get involved with BIMM extra classes. They’re a great way to boost your skill set and learn new things. There is always a great selection of courses on offer. They are a perfect opportunity to give yourself an extra edge when looking for industry opportunities. Attend masterclasses! Even if you have no knowledge of the subject, but it’s something you’re interested in, sign up and go. You never know who you might meet and when the knowledge may come up again!

Don’t be intimidated!

Many people see opportunities they want to go for but don’t put themselves forward because they think they’re under-qualified or have little confidence in themselves. Don’t count yourself out before you even apply!

Work experience roles are a learning experience; you are not expected to have a wealth of knowledge before you start. It can be an overwhelming experience applying for roles but be easy on yourself and don’t get bogged down. If you can show you have a passion for something, an opportunity will come along!


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