George Messer: How Music Made Me

22nd April 2022

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As part of our Music Made Us campaign, George Messer from BIMM Institute Bristol explains the influence of accomplished composers on his work. He also explores his love of Bristol’s music scene and the profound changes the industry has seen.

Music has been an enormous influence on my life from an early age. My first and main interest was music within film and television. From James Newton Howard to Howard Shore, composers have helped me get through days that seemed tedious or were particularly difficult. This made me explore deeper into composers and become interested in collaborating with composers like Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. These artists have inspired my music, and I have come to learn their sound very well.

Bristol’s influence

BIMM Institute Bristol has helped me make connections within the industry. It has given me the chance to meet like-minded composers, musicians, and producers and collaborate with each of them. This is massively important for my creative process, as I find music is always best shared with others.

Bristol arguably has one of the best music scenes in the UK. I have found many events that have helped light my passion for the industry even more and helped me see a career at the end of my degree.

“I’d love to see this side of live electronic music pushed to another whole new level!”

I’m incredibly proud of the electronic music produced in the UK. Artists like Aphex Twin, for example, have pushed the boundaries of sound to a whole new level. They’ve helped evolve music to a level where we have even more creativity and freedom! I would love to see more producers and artists like Aphex Twin exploring their creative sonic identity. I’d love to see this side of live electronic music pushed to another whole new level!

I see myself having more ways to explore this industry now. I’m looking forward to taking on different opportunities within the industry to help further my career. Since starting at BIMM Institute, I have found endless roads to travel down, whether in live sound, producing, performing or engineering.

The industry has taken a massive hit with digitised sound now. We are seeing a massive difference in how sound is recorded, produced, and marketed. Some would argue these are for the worst, some for the better. However, I believe that no great thing ever comes without change. So, if it can’t be changed, embrace it!

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