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Freshers’ Guide to London

14th August 2019


So, you’ve been offered a place at BIMM and will be heading to London in the autumn – that’s great, congratulations! Now, to optimise your time as a fresher, here are a few things to know before the big move.

First thing you need to do when you get to London?

England’s capital is a big place, so in order to get the most from your time here, it’s recommended to get an Oyster Card – it’s a quick and easy way of paying for travel on public transport such as buses and the underground tube. You can purchase one from most underground stations and can top it up as regularly as you like.

It’s also worth familiarising yourself with the underground tube map, as you’ll most likely be using it regularly. Either pick up a paper version or download it to your mobile device.

Parts of the city you need to see

Oxford Street, Camden and Richmond Park! These three places will give you the best mixture of urban and “rural” London! Plus, Richmond Park has wild deer (who are really friendly), so that alone is a reason to visit!

Best places for culture?

Camden, for sure. This place has such a huge variety of people, styles and cultures that there is always something to keep your eyes peeled for! You’ll find all sorts here.

Best places for live music?

Anywhere in London. No joke! There’s music everywhere, but if you want to be sure to find something good, try Soho for Ronnie Scott’s, The borderline, 100 Club or Camden for The Jazz Café, Camden Assembly, The Dublin Castle, KOKO and Dingwalls. All must-visit places for sure.

Best places for shopping?

Oxford Street, Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford. Oxford Street is the quintessential tourist shopping location while Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford are home to the Westfield shopping malls. The Stratford mall is probably the biggest shopping mall in the whole of Europe, too!

Must sees in the city?

Abbey Road Studios (near St. Johns Wood station) is a must see for any music lover. Another great thing to do is take a ride on the Afternoon Tea Bus – a double decker bus that drives you around London while you enjoy a cup of tea and some buns! This might sound like an odd tip, but it’s a really nice ride and definitely something you won’t find outside of London.


Christian Larsen