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Discovering Berlin’s video games festivals and conventions

18th June 2024

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Berlin, a city known for its vibrant culture, rich history and dynamic arts scene, is also a paradise for aspiring video game developers. With a bustling calendar packed with festivals and conventions dedicated to gaming, Germany’s capital is the ultimate playground for anyone passionate about creative technology. Whether you’re a seasoned game developer or just starting out in the industry, Berlin’s thriving gaming community and events offer endless opportunities for both networking and entertainment.


Let’s start with the big one: Gamescom. While technically held in Cologne, this is an event that no Berlin-based game developer can afford to miss. Usually held in late August, Gamescom is the largest games convention in Europe, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Here, you can check out the latest games, discover groundbreaking tech, and even meet industry legends.

At Gamescom, you can attend insightful panels and network with top developers and publishers. For an aspiring game developer, it’s a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Plus, you won’t want to miss out on the fantastic cosplay competitions and eSports tournaments. After a trip to Gamescom, you’ll return to Berlin full of new ideas and connections.

A Maze

Hitting Berlin in May each year, A Maze is an indie game festival known for its unique blend of gaming and art. A Maze isn’t your typical games convention; it’s more like a creative carnival where game developers, artists and musicians come together to push the boundaries of interactive media.

At A Maze, you’ll discover experimental games that challenge traditional narratives and mechanics. Every corner you turn holds a new, mind-blowing experience, with various workshops, talks and exhibitions, as well as live music and performances. According to Games Week Berlin, the festival “represents and celebrates the new wave, the arthouse of games and virtual reality, and playful media culture beyond the mainstream.”

So, if you’re looking to inject some artistic flair into your projects, A Maze is the place to go.


Womenize! is also part of Games Week Berlin, and the initiative focuses on diversity in the tech and gaming industries, providing a platform for women and other under-represented groups to shine. Its motto is to “Empower, Educate, Elevate” and its mission is to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the gaming industry.

There is a conference that is full of engaging talks and panel discussions on all sorts of topics within gaming, and you can also attend workshops led by industry experts. Offering endless opportunities for networking, Womenize! could be where you find your future business partner.


Devcom Developers Conference defines itself as a “hub for the global game industry”, dedicated to connecting people for knowledge sharing and business opportunities. Devcom went online during the pandemic to keep the community connected, but it has now returned to its in-person format in Cologne.

At devcom, you can join fascinating talks, panel discussions and round tables, and it is brilliant for networking: they even have an online matchmaking system to connect you with potential partners and studios. Indie developers thrive here, finding inspiration from upcoming games or showcasing their own creations at a booth.

Games Ground

Games Ground takes place in Berlin in November, and the festival aims to bring consumers and businesses together for an exchange of knowledge and ideas. At the Business Ground, there is an extensive B2B programme, which comprises panels, masterclasses and the ‘Meet to Match’ networking system. Visit the Play Ground for more talks, eSports, cosplay opportunities, and the chance to try out the latest tech.

BIMM Berlin students will want to take full advantage of our partnership with this festival. In 2023, our students networked with indie developers, attended interesting talks, and even tested new games before they hit the market. Read more about their experience here.

HIT Games Conference

HIT Games Conference is an international event that attracts game development companies, publishers and game services from all over the world. HIT Games Conference puts on numerous events each year in many different countries, all aimed at expanding the gaming market. Unlike other festivals, it is heavily business-focused, offering deep insights into the industry’s future. This makes it ideal for those who have started their own company.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is an extremely exciting destination for gamers and aspiring games developers. The city has an open, inclusive and innovative spirit that fosters creativity. Boasting a plethora of coworking spaces, tech hubs and art collectives, Berlin offers endless opportunities for collaboration and growth.

So, if you’re an aspiring game developer, pack your bags and head to the German capital. With its fantastic array of gaming shows and game industry conferences, Berlin promises to ignite your imagination and propel your career to new heights. It isn’t just a city for gamers; it’s a city that celebrates gaming in all its glory.

Situated right at the heart of all this activity is BIMM University Berlin. As well as video games, we offer courses in music, film and acting, so you’ll be part of a dynamic community of creatives – and potential collaborators. During your time here, use our impressive industry connections and cutting-edge facilities, hone your craft, and soak up Berlin’s artistic atmosphere.

Join us at BIMM University Berlin for an unforgettable three years in gaming bliss. Explore our innovative video games courses here.


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