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Exploring AI integration in video game development

18th June 2024

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At BIMM University, our approach to education continually pushes the boundaries of traditional learning, especially in the exciting realm of video game development. Nick Rodriguez, our Dean of Creative Technology, recently conducted a session exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the initial stages of developing game concepts.

Crafting a game about a country music star in Nashville, Tennessee, Nick and his students used ChatGPT 4 to develop the narrative and Midjourney to produce visual art. “What I want to do today is talk about process and how to integrate AI into your creative process,” Nick remarked, kicking off this enlightening discussion about the intersection of creativity and technology.

Envisioning the environment

With Nashville as the setting, Nick prompted Midjourney to come up with an art style for the game. The tool generated several images, all with a similar colour palette. Nick commented, “I hadn’t thought about colour. I hadn’t thought about shape language, and about the aesthetic choices I was going to make about my product, but this is starting to inform me now. I can either go with it or react quite strongly against it.”

In this part of the workshop, we saw how Midjourney can revolutionise how we generate ideas for game environments and characters. By swiftly producing intricate images, it streamlines the creative process, allowing developers to quickly and easily refine their vision for the game.

Conceiving characters

Nick demonstrated how you can use language models to create characters for your game. For this Nashville game, he brought an extremely diverse array of characters – cowboys, artists, bartenders – to life using ChatGPT 4. These character descriptions were then translated into visual representations using Midjourney.

Throughout the session, Nick highlighted the indispensable nature of AI literacy in future creative careers. In particular, he talked of the process of refining your prompts, asserting that “prompt craft is going to be one of those skills that you as young people are going to have to contend with in the future.”

Devising a theme tune

With the context Nick had already shared, along with some fresh prompts, ChatGPT 4 developed some theme song concepts for the game. This provided a solid starting point for thinking about elements such as musical style, instruments and production direction. Nick suggested that “sometimes we can use AI to formulate our thinking… And sometimes we can just straight up ask for some creative activity,” although he emphasised that he “would never want to present any of this as finished article”.

Practical application of AI tools

This fascinating workshop dived into the practical applications of AI tools such as ChatGPT 4 and Midjourney to create video games. BIMM University’s video games courses traverse many different areas within game development, including design, art and technology. By incorporating AI seamlessly into our curriculum, we are giving our students the tools they need to become innovative creators in the ever-evolving landscape of video game development.

Moreover, through our pioneering AI_Labs initiative, BIMM University fosters research, experimentation, and collaboration, offering students even more opportunities for creative expression. Our commitment to exploring AI’s impact on the creative industries will ensure that our graduates are prepared to become leaders in this dynamic field.



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