Track of the Week

Abbie Ozard – TV Kween

12th July 2020


Our Track of the Week this week is a big virtual hug from the awesome Abbie Ozard.

She’s already been receiving radio play from BBC Radio 6 Music, and been championed by BBC Introducing’s Huw Stephens – so we’re super excited to see what’s next.

Take a listen to her latest release ‘TV Kween’ below, read how the track came about and scroll down to follow her on social media to stay up to date with what she’s up to!

What was your inspiration when you began writing the track?

I remember me and my friend Rich thinking of this title ‘TV Kween’. At the time I was going through one of those phases of feeling super insecure and kind of saw myself getting in a rut with comparing myself to other girls on Instagram. It seemed fitting to write a song about craving to be someone other than myself. I guess I also wanted girls and boys to feel less alone with these kinds of anxieties too – they’re so rife nowadays with Instagram being such a huge influence on everyone. I’d like to think of this tune as a big virtual hug really!

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?

Artist wise, Bon Iver really inspires me. His style changes so much and he just does whatever the fuck he wants. He has concepts for each piece of work he creates and I just think that’s super inspiring. I know it’s kind of a guilty pleasure too but I am obsessed with The 1975. It sounds cringe saying it, but I love them. Honestly, the list is endless with who inspires me.

What is key to your sound and how do you make your music stand out?

I’ve never really thought about developing a particular sound! I just like to make tunes that people can relate to and I want to make people feel less alone because the world is a scary place. I guess I am a sucker for the DIY pop sort of sound, I like it when tunes sound like they could have been made in a room; it makes a song feel kind of cosy.

How does your songwriting process work?

I always like to start with a title and go from there really! I struggle to write about stuff that I don’t feel proper passionately about, so I like to keep it pretty personal. I always like to think of a little chord sequence first and then add lyrics that match with the vibe and the title. Sometimes, I like to switch it up though and write some poems when I’m feeling super emo ha.

Describe your sound in 3 words…

Sad girl bangers

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

I think from being at BIMM the sickest thing that’s happened since I’ve left is the ongoing support from lecturers. It feels so comforting and nice to still have the advice to fall back on. They ask for nothing in return too, which is lovely. #Mike Burgess need I say more?

What’s next for you?

I’m just gonna play as many gigs as I can once this Corona business is over! I properly miss just going around the country in a shitty van with all my friends. i can’t wait to have a meal deal in a van again and be able to play to a cool little crowd.

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