Why Study Guitar at BIMM Institute Dublin?

23rd March 2021


Hello, I’m Matthew Healy (not THAT Matthew Healy, unfortunately), and I’m currently studying Commercial Modern Music at BIMM Institute Dublin through the guitar stream.

Why did you choose to study guitar?

I love guitar. I just want to make a living out of it someday. So for me, choosing to study guitar at BIMM was just the obvious thing to do. The course here allows you to hone in your technique, but I think what sets it apart from other music courses is that it equips you with the skills necessary to make music a profession. On top of that, it provides a great chance to explore opportunities you have as a guitar player and as a musician in today’s industry.

What’s it been like studying in Dublin?

Well, I’m from here, and I live here, so it’s very convenient for me. The Francis Street and Coombe campuses are both across the road from each other, and they’re both very accessible; they’re walking distance from Stephens Green, and I think you can get a 76a or a 27 bus from Dame Street. They both leave you at the front door (I’m not certain though, double-check that), and as for Dublin itself is excellent, there’s a great scene, fantastic nightlife, and I think there’s a solid sense of community that you don’t see anywhere else, which I love.

How has being at BIMM helped you develop as a musician?

Being at BIMM has helped me develop as a guitar player and as a musician in general. My technique has gotten so much better, and my theory’s gotten so much better. I can play the keyboard now! I’ve learnt how to record, mix and release my music, and I’m learning how to market myself as an artist and market my music. It’s been fantastic for me, and there are things I can do now that I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be able to do before I joined BIMM.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to study at BIMM Dublin?

I guess just don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, get to know the people in your stream, get to know the people in all the other streams, get to know your tutors. You get out what you put in, so you want to be hungry; you want to collaborate with as many people as you can, you want to book all the tutorials you can, book as many masterclasses as you can. Just put yourself out there, and yeah, say yes to everything. Good luck!