Why return to BIMM Institute Dublin to study a Masters?

20th November 2020


Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I am studying the Masters course in Popular Music Practice at BIMM Institute Dublin. I am specialising in Entrepreneurship.

What made you decide to come back to BIMM Institute Dublin to study an MA?

The reason I decided to come back to BIMM was to upskill myself while the whole music industry is temporarily on hold.

How are you finding things so far?

Everything is great so far! BIMM has done a great job adapting to the current climate. And there’s a great mix of students specialising in different areas of the music industry.

Are there any particular parts of the course you’re looking forward to?

I’m quite excited about the music technology module. It would be interesting to see how I can use technology from an entrepreneurial point of view.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying an MA here at BIMM Institute Dublin?

The advice I’d like to give to anyone thinking of studying the MA at BIMM Dublin is to always approach everything with an open mind, and be open to collaborating and networking. There’s a bigger chance you’ll achieve more with others than just by yourself.

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