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Who What Why : Sam Wiltshire

9th March 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

That’s a tough one since I’m usually circulating around a lot of different genres. Recently though, I’ve been quite addicted to more alt/indie rock artists like Mac Demarco, Sunset Rollercoaster, Boy Pablo, and Rex Orange County. This is strange because usually I’m not too keen on guitar-centric music but it got me through the winter. I’m also finding myself listening to a lot of jazz-inspired dance artists like Tom Misch, FKJ, and Masego – jazz and funk seem to be having a bit of a resurgence lately and I couldn’t love it more. And of course, I’ve gotta plug Dance Gavin Dance by Sacramento; band of many genres who I’m listening to almost every other day because of their sheer musical ability and stylistic versatility. There are a few more bands and artists I’ve picked up here and there over Spotify.

What do you love about Brighton?

I’ve been coming to Brighton ever since I was a kid. The city really is beautiful – full of variance, life, and character. Ironically, I think I’ve also seen all of my favourite bands and artists here in Brighton too which is truly a testament to how good the venues are. It’s not just the places but the people too; you can find yourself lost in random conversations with almost anyone outgoing in Brighton, and there’s usually always something to do. For people in the creative sector, it really is a godsend of a city and fills me with creative inspiration every time I’m in it.

Why Music Production?

This is kinda funny – I don’t exclusively do Music Production but also art and creative writing. The reason I chose music, and by extension Music Production at BIMM Brighton, is because the music industry is something I both love and find endlessly interesting. Music Production means there are so many opportunities not only to create music as a creative outlet but also to work with other artists, producers and acts. Seeing other people’s ideas, and working with others to create new ones, is something I love doing. Being able to do that at such a versatile and diverse University, whilst on a course that has a big emphasis on working with other artists and acts, is truly great. Although I still won’t tie myself to one creative art form, music production is definitely the one I want to be the best at out of the three.

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