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Who What Why : Napsugar Bardocz

5th April 2017

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Next up to feature on our Who What Why feature is Napsugar from BIMM Brighton.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m glad the question isn’t ‘who’s your favourite artist/band’ because that would be impossible to answer. I listen to so many different types of music according to my mood. I enjoy everything from reggae to rock, from indie pop to alternative.

Recently I rediscovered an old favourite of mine, the CROCODILES, and I’ve been listening to them a lot.  There are some bands that are always on my recently played playlists like Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Jake Bugg, The Kooks, Ben Howard, Foals, Flyte, Seafret, Fleet Foxes, and Sticky Fingers. The list could go on forever, especially as besides the essential British and American bands, I also listen to a lot of not-so-well-known alternative Hungarian bands.

I’m a proud Hungarian from Budapest, where the alternative music scene is thriving at the moment.  My favourites are Ivan & the Parazol, Blahalousiana, Irie Maffia, Middlemist Red, The Carbonfools, Margaret Island, and Péterfy Bori & Love Band. You should definitely check them out!

What do you love about Brighton?

I’ve never lived near the sea before but I’ve always wanted to, so for me that’s one of the many amazing things that Brighton has to offer. It’s quirky, it’s vibrant, it’s diverse. I’ve lived here for the past 18 months and by now I’ve learned that here nothing’s really surprising. There might be an impromptu street carnival in the middle of the day, or a 90-year-old lady dancing with Disco Bunny near Churchill Square, or a man walking two other men on a leash who are both wearing high-heels and pink and gold bodysuits in broad daylight. There are very few things that can still surprise me having seen all of the above!

In addition to Brighton’s beauty and weirdness, the other reason why I have chosen this city as my home away from home is its astonishing music scene. In the city centre there’s a venue or pub with live music playing on every corner.  Every other person is either a musician or has something to do with music – sound engineers, producers, music journalists, people who work for record labels, publishers, and booking agencies. As an Event Management student who aspires to work in the music industry I couldn’t ask for a more stimulating, inspiring, or lively place to be.

Why Events Management?

I love art but I would be a terrible artist; I could not concentrate merely on the creation, as this is just one part of the process. I like to appreciate the whole; from the source of the inspiration to the moment when the results get to the public and elicits a response. I’ve learned that if talent and creativity are to be publicly acknowledged, a management framework must be created.  This is why I want to pave the way for aspiring artists as an event manager. I’ve always been passionate about music but also about planning and organizing – combine the two and you get my course.

I’m a regular attendee at different music festivals during the summer and countless gigs throughout the year – like I’m sure everyone at BIMM is too. Before I moved to Brighton I was touring with one of Hungary’s most popular bands, The Carbonfools, as an assistant tour manager and I think that was the moment when I decided that this is the industry I want to work in.
I can’t imagine myself doing anything else anymore – this is not just a career, this is my passion!

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