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Who What Why: Chiara Magrini

31st March 2021

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As part of our Music Made Us campaign, BIMM student Chiara Magrini tells us what inspired her route into music, why she chose to study Songwriting, and what drew her to Brighton.

Who inspired your route into music?

I started loving music when I was probably four-years-old, listening to Fleetwood Mac on my dad’s car radio. During my childhood, my inspirations were artists like Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette.

At 14, two albums changed my way of perceiving music: Grace by Jeff Buckley and Blue by Joni Mitchell. From then on, I have always been open to listening to all kinds of music – apart from maybe metal and hard rock. In the last year, my music project is definitely concentrating more on indie, electro-pop sounds.

What made you choose to study Songwriting?

When I decided to undertake my university studies, I was sure I wanted to study Songwriting. I started looking in Italy, but when I discovered that there weren’t actual Songwriting degrees, I decided to move overseas. The Songwriting course at BIMM Institute Brighton seemed the most convincing to me.

Why is Brighton right for you?

Brighton is the most vibing and inspiring city I’ve ever lived in. It’s a place where you can experience anything you want, trying any food you want; it’s so open-minded and perfect for young artists that want to share their music at hundreds of open mic nights and venues.

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