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WHO WHAT WHY: Joseph Sant

15th October 2021

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As part of our Music Made Us campaign, BIMM student Joseph Sant tells us what inspired his route into music, why he studies songwriting and what drew him to Manchester.

Who inspired your route into music?

Artists that inspired my style are Anderson Paak, John Mayer and Lewis Capaldi, but my family are the ones that inspired me to pursue music seriously as a career.

What made you choose to study songwriting?

I chose to do songwriting because I wanted to learn the best techniques to make music, developing myself as an artist in ways I never would’ve even thought of.

Why is Manchester right for you?

Manchester is where I grew up. The city was like my back garden. When I was in a grunge band, I played gigs in venues like The Bread Shed, Deaf Institute, Manchester Club Academy etc.

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