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Who What Why: Eloise Viola

9th June 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

Spotify has really enabled me to listen to a lot of different genres and artists so usually I’m listening to a wide range of music. Recently I have downloaded the Alt J live album and I am listening to all the live versions of the songs from their first album which I loved. I have also surprised myself by really enjoying the new track from Harry Styles after seeing him perform it live on tv  – which I thought he killed!

What do you love about London?

London presents a diverse range of opportunities everywhere and I can always find places to draw inspiration from.

Why Songwriting?

I taught myself to play the piano to accompany my singing which is my real focus and passion. Before BIMM I was really struggling with songwriting, having lots of ideas but finding it challenging to convert them into actual songs. The music theory I have learnt at BIMM has given me a great grounding however I do think that the most valuable aspect of my time at BIMM has been the great advice from tutors, especially just from the odd comments – all of which have really enabled my songwriting to take off!