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Who What Why : Chris Mandiangu

30th May 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am currently listening to a whole mix of music but right now, a lot of African gospel. Listening to a lot of upbeat music gets me in the mood for singing and dancing; maybe I could write another album just based off the songs I’ve been listening to…

What do you love about Brighton?

Brighton represents freedom of speech – the thing that I felt London was lacking (hence why I moved)! I love how free everybody is in Brighton. To me it’s the city that never sleeps – parties on the go, people being allowed to express themselves. Since I’ve been here I’ve not seen any kind of discrimination and that makes me happy. I can be weird, I can do what I want, I dress how I like – I’ve found a new level of independence within myself since I moved here! 

Why Music Production?

Why Music Production you ask? From a musical standpoint I can interweave with different DAWs and improve on my production skills in the same way that I’m always improving on my performance skills. As a music artist in my own right, doing a course like this can help me network with other musicians from different genres and I am very diverse in what I listen to and what I am influenced by. There’s something about producing that brings out a whole heap of emotions within me that can help me express what I truly feel. Music has always been therapy for me, as well as it being something long-term that I take very seriously and at the same time have fun with.