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Who What Why: Annie Evans

31st July 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I am obsessed with Jason Aldeans new album ‘Rearview Town’. Also, the band I manage, Arion Haze have just released their single ‘Feelin Dat’ which is such a tune. I am also listening to quite a lot of Chris Stapleton and Luke Combs. ‘Country’ is my favourite music genre.

What do you love about Brighton?

I love how Brighton is so chilled and accepting of everyone. Everyone here is also very friendly and open-minded which is a great environment to be in. I also love how the nightlife is always poppin’ and how the beach is so close.

Why Music Business?

I am studying Music Business at BIMM because I think it’s a really helpful course and I already feel like I’ve learned so much. I think the music industry is a really interesting business and something I really enjoy learning about and working in. The Music Business course allows me to be knowledgeable enough to be able to work with amazing artists in Brighton and hopefully help them further their music careers. It has also been very useful in my own music career as I will be releasing my first single at the end of this year.

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