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26th February 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am always listening to artists such as La Roux, James Blake, Banks, London Grammar, and Elder Island. Recently I have been listening to Björk’s new album, ‘Utopia’. Her way of performing, composing, and producing is so unique – it is motivating and fresh to hear. The album is enchanting; she always uses such creative instruments in alternative ways, she is an inspiration to me and many others!

What do you love about Bristol?

I grew up just outside of Bristol and made a decision to stay here for uni as I wanted to carry on being involved in the incredible music scene. I have discovered and met so many amazing local talents and people within the industry – it is always buzzing. Bristol is very chilled and friendly. A lot of the main attractions, clubs, and coolest places are within walking distance which is great, especially for us students living in the centre.

Why Vocals?

I chose to study Professional Musicianship (Vocals) as it seemed very diverse and exciting. I have always wanted to get involved with the music industry as well as make music. I love that within the course we get the opportunity to not only sing, write and perform, but to learn about other aspects of the industry. There are such a wide range of modules and options that you can take and adapt them to personal goals and life after uni. For example, I am studying vocals but I am doing my research project about starting a festival, which will intertwine with my dissertation next year.

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