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Who What Why : Alessandro Strogulski

17th March 2017

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Next up to feature on our Who What Why feature is Alessandro 

Here they are discussing their BIMM Berlin experience so far…

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Kaytranada (‘You’re the One’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’). I listen to Kaytranada because I discovered him when I was spending time with other BIMM students… you get a lot of inspiration and input when you’re around students who have different preferences in music.

FKA Twigs. I listen to FKA Twigs because we talked about a song of hers in class and this made me curious, so I discovered even more of her music.

Beyoncé (everything!). I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé because I’m just so fascinated by her flexibility and the work ethic that has brought her to where she is.

Lady Gaga (her new album ‘Joanne’). Lady Gaga is one of the most authentic ‘stars’ I know. Even though she’s such a huge star, she still seems kind of normal, which is something that I really enjoy about her… in contrast to Beyoncé.

What do you love about Berlin?

Everyone can find a niche to live the way they want and do the things they want to, and it’s not a very typical city – it’s very unique compared with other big cities.

What I really enjoy about Berlin is just walking around and seeing all the different people who all have their own backgrounds which are totally different from other people’s, but still everyone finds their perfect environment.

And even as an original ‘Berliner’, I can discover new places every day! Just like the area around our uni.

Why Vocals?

I’ve always loved being on stage, and here at BIMM I can perform on stage with many other musicians who inspire me and help me to discover new aspects of myself every day. Here I can step out of my comfort zone to grow as an artist. BIMM is very ‘real life’ oriented, which means that I can use the things I learn practically.