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Who What Why : Aimie Mallon

24th March 2017

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Next up to feature on our Who What Why feature is Aimie

Here they are discussing their BIMM Dublin experience so far…

Who are you listening to at the moment?

The music I listen to changes in style massively throughout every day. For the last week, I have started each day with ‘Jamiroquai’, such a funky man. it is never a bad start to the day when you are listening to ‘Jamiroquai’! Then, I branch out into different styles. Some artists I listen to are ‘J Dilla’, ‘Richard Spaven’, and ‘Warpaint’ , I also listen to a lot of techno and house such as ‘Matador’ , ‘Slam’, ‘Dense & Pika’ , George Fitzgerald’ , and ‘Jon Hopkins’. This is where I get a lot of my influences for the band I am in ‘LE BOOM’.

What do you love about Dublin?

Dublin has such an active music scene with so much talent. For such a small city, the variety of music is extremely broad. There is something for everyone. In recent years, the techno/house scene has really taking off. Any giving night of the week, you could have your pick between three possible gigs to go to from the best international techno/house DJs/producers from around the world. It really is incredible!

Why Drums?

The drums course was all I wanted to do since BIMM started up in Ireland. My family once that said the men in the white coats would come take them away, and then ask why it was BIMM they kept repeating? I knew there was no other course in Ireland that would have the same connection to the music industry. It really is at your doorstep once you start college.

The drums course is great! It gives you a great understanding of a wide range of styles of drumming while ensuring you also develop your own style and uniqueness to your playing. I had also heard about the live performance and studio musicianship modules before applying and I knew that BIMM was a definite must if I wanted a career in playing drums professionally.


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