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Shopping for Records in Berlin

6th May 2021


Berlin is where one of the most diverse and welcoming music scenes in the world thrives. Its endless creativity and possibilities for collaboration create an environment that is experimental and steeped in history.

Although famous for its techno scene, there’s far more going on in this city that’s constantly awake. If there’s one European city that knows how to do record shops, it’s Berlin. Here are five of our favourites:


Where? – 44A, Paul-Lincke-Ufer

Hard Wax is the dance music mecca. Located in an old factory building near the Kreuzberg canal, the shop has DJs on both sides of the counter, so if you have any questions, the staff will be sure to help. The shop is meticulously curated and is one of the city’s most famous dance music havens for vinyl heads.


Where? – 33, Zossener Str.

Space Hall is quite overwhelming. It’s three shops in one, so be prepared. There are deep crates of soul, jazz and other pieces from that spectrum in one room, and all the best bits from the rock, post-punk, industrial world in another. The final room is where you can find all the best bits in the electronic music world. You can easily spend an entire day here, so take a packed lunch.


Where? – 64, Wrangelstraße

Satori Records is a must-visit. Half winery, half jazz record specialist, this is a great spot for a deep dig and a glass of rouge. Specialising in jazz, this place covers various, styles from swing to fusion, and lots from independent labels and niche artists. There are some seriously rare bits in here.

This is a hidden gem for collectors and enthusiasts. Even if you think you know your jazz, you’ll leave Satori all the wiser.


Where? – 55, Kastanienallee

Melting Point may not have the international reputation of Hard Wax, but after over twenty years in the business, it’s held its own as a quality outpost for house, disco and boogie diggers. There’s a keen focus on contemporary European and American labels alongside second-hand vinyl often sourced locally at the city’s flea markets. Melting Point makes for a serene record shopping experience.

Start with these and then explore even further! Berlin is one of the world’s most renowned music cities, and there is always somewhere new to explore for your next vinyl fix. Don’t forget how good some charity shops can be if you’re on more of a budget.

You can find out more about what life in Berlin is like, here.


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